Sky Capital

September 7th, 2014

The is part of a series of recent images of flying machines and other fabrications.   Check out others at

New Image: Planetesimals

February 16th, 2010

I started this as an experimental drawing, and ended up being intrigued with the results. Maybe I’ll build off of this idea in the future…

New Image: Cluster II

January 17th, 2009

I decided to do another version of ‘Cluster’, so I’ve added Cluster II to the digital art gallery. Wide screen and dual monitor versions are available.

New Image: Cluster

December 4th, 2008

I’ve added a new image, Cluster, to the digital art gallery. Wide screen and dual monitor versions are available.

Featured Image: Colossus

November 27th, 2008

Colossus is the latest drawing I finished over the summer. I’ve added it to the drawings album as desktop wallpaper for rotated monitors (cropped versions are available for standard monitors). There is also a poster available in the Zazzle gallery, so be sure to check that out.

A Newly Designed Site

November 23rd, 2008

Back in March of 2000 I started this website as a collection of my digital artwork with a few html pages on a Geocities site. Since then I’ve gone through several hosts, and about 10 different versions of the site itself.

The current version of the site was built using several popular free software packages that I integrated and customized into a smoothly flowing site.

A few of the major building blocks were:

ZenPhoto: An outstanding open-source online photo gallery that’s easily customizable.

Wordpress: A highly popular blogging and content management system which powers this blog that you’re reading, as well as some of the rss feeds that operate behind the scenes on the main site.

The Yahoo User Interface Library: An easily integrated set of components that provides this website with interface enhancement liked tabbed menus and search autocompletion.

Thickbox: an easily integrated method for displaying images and other content.

Together I’m hoping these components provide a good browsing experience. Another benefit is that it has made this site much easier for me to update, leaving me free to concentrate of making cool pictures and get them out quicker.

Back at last

November 23rd, 2008

After a few months of downtime, I’ve finally relaunched the newly designed Mind of Madness. Like before I’ll be offering digital artwork, photos, and drawings for download as desktop wallpaper. I’m also offering a selection of my images as posters through

I’ll be posting more frequent updates on this site so check back soon! Be sure to check out the new blog for more!

Featured Image: Capital

November 23rd, 2008

Capital is the latest image that I spent the past year working on. You can download this image as a desktop background (designed for rotated / vertical monitors) or purchase it as a poster from Zazzle.